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What is the Value of a Mesh Pool Fence?

//What is the Value of a Mesh Pool Fence?

What is the Value of a Mesh Pool Fence?

What makes a good mesh pool fence? The answer is simple: strength! In today’s blog post, we’ll take a closer look at just what makes a mesh pool fence worth your money.

Mesh is More Than Meets the Eye

At Life Saver Pool Fence, we are laser-focused on water safety. Our removable pool fencing is designed to be both strong and durable, yet lightweight enough to remove when it’s not needed. Put simply, it’s a wonderful mix of safety and convenience.

So let’s take a closer look at the mesh pool fence. In a nutshell, the mesh is the most important component of pool fencing. Leaving a fence exposed to the elements over time will eventually cause some general wear-and-tear. The trick is you want a mesh that doesn’t tear. You want it to be strong enough to stand up to years of weather and elemental abuse. Your fence needs to remain intact in order for it to function as a safety barrier. For this reason, Life Saver Pool Fence uses Textilene® mesh.

This mesh is designed to support years of use in any and all weather conditions. It features a strength rating of 387 lbs. per square inch. If a tear does occur, the mesh should return to its original shape.

As you’ll learn in the following video, our Textilene® mesh pool fence is sturdy enough to protect young children and pets from swimming accidents. It’s even strong enough to withstand a direct hit from a bowling ball.

Additionally, polyester mesh with vinyl coating is another important factor. The smooth vinyl coatings are mildew resistant. This helps to protect against the elements and can easily be cleaned. This is very different from the older, grainier style of dipped interlocking nylon products. These usually have a tendency to trap both growths and dirt.

A Life Saver Mesh Pool Fence Keeps Water Out of Reach

As we’ve mentioned, the goal of a pool fence is to provide a secure barrier around the potentially dangerous area. Imagine your child pushing against your fence. If it is not strong enough, they can push right through it and fall into the pool. “Tension-based support” is a crucial term to keep in mind when you are shopping for a fence.

Height is also a key safety factor. For an average toddler, we recommend purchasing a mesh pool fence that is at least 4-feet tall. Keep in mind that your child will grow. Therefore, your smartest investment would be to purchase the highest possible fence.

Be Sure to Research Before Choosing a Fence

As we often say, the decision to purchase a pool fence is an important one. This is a serious purchase, so research is key. Relying only on careful active supervision can lead to a terrible accident. A false sense of security can be deadly.

That’s why a sturdy mesh pool fence is one of the best ways to achieve peace of mind. These fences are both versatile and practical. Contact Life Saver Pool Fence today to learn more.

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