How much does a pool fence cost?

Life Saver Pool Fence combines the quality and reliability that you require for comfort and peace of mind with pricing that you can afford. Your Life Saver Pool Fence price will vary depending on the height, color, and options you choose, as well as the type of surface you have and the complexity of your installation. Your Life Saver Pool Fence will be custom-tailored to your pool area. No two Life Saver Pool Fences are the same.

Fill out the form below to be contacted by your local Life Saver Pool Safety Specialist. They will be in touch with you right away. Often times, they can give you a rough estimate on the price of your pool fence after asking a few questions right over the phone. It is always best, though, to receive an absolutely free, no obligation in-home consultation. Not only will they explain to you all of the features and benefits of your Life Saver Pool Fence and provide you with a more accurate quotation, but they will also take the time to evaluate your pool area and help you choose the best pool safety solutions for your family and your lifestyle.