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Life Saver Pool Fence Systems, Inc.
Removable Pool Safety Mesh Barrier Fencing Technical Specifications

Life Saver Pool Fence Systems, Inc. has manufactured removable pool safety fencing for over two decades and has continuously evolved their methods and materials, often-time leading industry wide changes. A Manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Warranty guarantees every system for as long as they own it. Life Saver Pool Fence meets and exceeds all code requirements throughout the United States. Below you will find technical specifications on the components used in assembling the Life Saver Pool Fence.

Textilene Mesh

Textilene mesh has been used as the highest quality material to the pool fence industry for over 15 years. Laboratory testing shows its strengths to surpass all code specifications and applicable ASTM standards.

Item Number:



Product Description:



Fabric using .025" dia. vinyl-coated 1000 den. polyester core yarns in the warp and fill.





Construction, end/inch


13.0 + .5

  11.0 + .5

Weight, oz/yd2




Tensile Strength (grab), lbf




Tensile Strength (strip), lbf




Tear Strength, (Trapezodial), lbf




Ball Burst, lbf



Bursting Strength, psi



Elongation, %




Abrasion Resistance



No exposure of core yarn

(CS10/500 cycles/ with no added weight)




Flammability Rating



CS-191-53 & CA 117E

Weatherability, 1200 hours



No discoloration 

Mildew Resistance



No growth





** The above results are a representative of real data from single test samples.

   Presently no specification is incorporated.



Warp refers to the horizontal threading while fill refers to the vertical threading. As shown, all testing confirms Textilene mesh meets and, on all strength tests, amply exceeds the set code requirements.

Quad-X Reinforced 1” Aluminum Pole

Life Saver Pool Fence uses Quad-X Reinforced 6063T6 1” Aluminum Poles spaced no more than 36” apart. Mesh is secured to the pole via an aluminum cove molding using roundhead screws spaced no greater than 6”.

The temper rating of T6 scores the highest tensile strength (30 ksi) within the 6063 alloy classification.

On July 14th, 2003, Life Saver Pool Fence Systems, Inc. contracted Nutting Engineers of Florida, Inc., an ASTM standards testing lab established in 1967, to test the pole strength as per the Florida Building Code section 424.

At the time of testing, a lateral force was applied to a single pole at a measurement of 36” from the surface of the deck. In the test, the resistance to lateral pressure was found to exceed 70 lbs. of pressure before failure on any single pole in a free standing installation, thus exceeding the 52 lbs. of horizontal force prescribed by the Florida Building Code section 424. Paragraph 1.

ASTM F-2286-05

On January 10, 2006, Life Saver Pool Fence was found to meet and exceed all requirements for ASTM Standard F-2286-05.



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